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Friday, August 6, 2021

The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course

The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course


What You Will Learn?

  • Automate and Customize data entry forms
  • Choose the right Loop for each task
  • Master the CELLS and RANGE objects in multiple scenarios
  • Create multiple Variable styles to match your need
  • Customize your VBA Editor and Understand all the Toolbars and options
  • Debug and Troubleshoot code like a boss!
  • Record, Modify or Write Macros from scratch
  • Make Custom Formulas/Functions on the fly
  • Breeze through IF THEN statements and conquer all the Logical Operators
  • Batch out inter-active MessageBoxes, InputBoxes and give users CHOICES!
  • Generate Basic Reports that can be printed
  • Add filters to report menus to narrow the records
  • Take control of forms, Buttons, Drop-down menus, Checkboxes and option buttons AND so much more. . .
  • Trigger code from a number of different methods – from Clicking on a cell – to De-Selecting a worksheet.
  • Set up Special Commands when a workbook: Opens or closes, is selected, any cell or certain cells are selected, right before printing, etc. . .
  • Manipulate Userforms for data entry, report generation, editing tables/databases – ALL within your control. Restrict the flow of data OR make the Userform(s) responsive, calculating, INTUITIVE.
  • Streamline your work and the work of others.
  • Put Excel ON AUTOPILOT. . .
  • Trigger Macros using Worksheet and UserForm Controls (Buttons, Shapes, DropDowns, ListBoxes, Click Actions, Loads of Fun Controls)
  • Change Cell Properties using code – Cell Color, Font Properties (Bold, Italic, Underline, etc), Borders and more!
  • Master Beginning to Advanced Math with Variables and Learn Proper Use, Declaration and Scope
  • Learn String Functions, Concatenation and How to Control Case-Sensitivity with VBA Functions
  • Create Your Own Functions to be used In VBA or in a Cell!
  • Uncover Advanced Search Functions Only Available in VBA
  • Fun with Date and Time Math to Calculate Duration, Length and Intervals
  • PROJECTS: Create Full Games, Learn From Coding Exercises and Enjoy Mid-Lecture Challenges!
  • Discover and Master the VBE (Visual Basic Editor) and All the Mysterious Buttons and Features Within!
  • Deal With Errors and Learn How To Prevent Them
  • Feed Information from One Macro to Another using ByRef and ByVal Methods
  • Utilize Variable Types: Constants, Static, Module-Level, Public, Private, ‘Option Private Module’, etc
  • BONUS #1: Free e-book “Excel VBA Master Keyboard Shortcuts” – Now with more shortcuts (for PC and Mac) than anywhere else
  • BONUS #2: Free Image Tools For Better Looking Buttons, Images and Form Backgrounds
  • BONUS #3: Free Mouse Icons Packs To Customize MouseOver Effect on Many Controls Including a UserForm Background!
  • Three Methods of Accessing a Worksheet using Code
  • Get the Boundaries of a Range of Cells the way Pros do (Better LastRow and LastCol Techniques)
  • Dynamically Sort or Filter Data. You can have multiple sort options, each assigned to different buttons!
  • Utilize User-Input (MessageBoxes, InputBoxes, UserForms) and Use Conditional Logic (IF THEN, CASE STATEMENTS, AND, OR, NOT) to Control Direction
  • Insert Worksheet Functions into Cells Programmatically Using Regular or R1C1 Notation
  • Practice Code Slimming and Efficiency Techniques, such as WITH/ END WITH statements
  • Speed Up Your Code Massively with Dan’s “VBA Speed Hacks”
  • Get Random Numbers to Generate Passwords, Create FileNames, Produce Random Actions In Games/Projects, Speed Tests
  • Search Cells and Strings with Advanced Pattern Matching & Comparison, LIKE Operator and InStr Functions
  • Advanced MessageBox Features (Including Special Icons, Direction, Buttons: Yes/No, Yes/No/Cancel, Abort/Retry and many more…)
  • Create Optional UDF Parameters and choose Volatile or Non-Volatile Functionality

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