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Friday, August 20, 2021

Gimp for Beginners

Gimp for Beginners


COUPON CODE - 7F8018CA02F1D4A589C7

What You Will Learn?

  • Create Save And Export Images
  • Use filters and image adjustments to enhance your photos.
  • Crop, resize, flip, skew, warp, rotate, and other common operations
  • Layers
  • Selection Tools
  • Paint Tools
  • Digital Black And White Conversion
  • Coloring A Black And White Sketch
  • Tone Mapping With Colors Exposures
  • Film Grain Tutorial
  • Luminosity and Contrast Masks
  • Changing Background Color
  • The Various Blur Filters
  • Noise Removal With Selective Gaussian Blur
  • GIMP Path Tool
  • Installing Scripts Plug-Ins And Brushes

  • 100%

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