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Friday, August 6, 2021

EF Core 5 With Code First And Db First [In-depth in 7 Days]

EF Core 5 With Code First And Db First [In-depth in 7 Days]

What You Will Learn?

  • Introduction to EF Core – DbContext – DbSet – Migrations – CRUD
  • Database Structure Updates – Data Annotations – Class Design Techniques
  • Class Design Technique In Depth One To Many And Many To Many Relationship – CRUD – First – FirstOrDefault – SingleOrDefault – Navigation Properties
  • IList Vs IEnumerable Vs IQueryable Immediate Mode Of Query Execution Vs Deferred Mode Mode Of Query
  • Explicit Loading – Lazy Loading – RAW Sql – Stored Procedure In EF
  • Auto Transaction – Manual Transaction – Identity Scope – n Layered Architecture
  • Fluent APIs – Repository Pattern – Unit Of Work

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