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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Android App Development Bootcamp with Kotlin – Masterclass

Android App Development Bootcamp with Kotlin – Masterclass



What You Will Learn?

  • You’ll have EXPERT LEVEL knowledge of the Kotlin programming language and know exactly how each process of Android 11 development works.
  • NEW CONTENT is always being added, and you’re covered with full lifetime access to the course.
  • Become a professional app developer, take freelance gigs and work from anywhere in the world
  • Make pretty much any Android app you like (your only limit is your imagination)
  • Bored with the same old, same old? Apply for a new job in a software company as an Android developer
  • The EXPERTISE to be an Android App developer as taught by the best.
  • Best course to learn Kotlin
  • Android Lifecycle
  • Android Studio
  • Android User Interface Development
  • Object Oriented Programming with Kotlin
  • Object Oriented Programming with Kotlin
  • The Android App Lifecycle
  • If you want to learn Android and earn Money then this course is for YOU !
  • Object Oriented Programming Training
  • Android Jetpack Architecture
  • Live Data, View Model and other android concepts
  • Best Motion Layout Training
  • Android KeyCycle
  • Learn android work as Freelancer or in Company be successfull developer !
  • and other awesome topics that not even discussed in other courses —>

  • 100%


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